All Artis products are subject to careful controls and the guarantee is valid for a 5 years period from the installation date and it covers labour and material defects.
The garantee does not cover:

  • those components subject to wear and tear such as O-rings.
  • damages caused by an improper use or wrong assembling.
  • damages caused by the use of improper cleaning products/maintenance products, or scale deposits in the water pipes supplyng the tap.
  • demages caused by the use of non originanal spare parts.

In order to use this guarantee, it is necessary to return the tap to the original place of purchase well packaged, together with the relevant purchase documents (purchase invoice or receipt etc.). You should also include the Test Certificate. Your supplier will then ask for a formal application of the guarantee. If the fault is covered by the guarantee. Artis will then decide whether to repair or replace the tap free of charge. If the fault is not covered by the guarantee, then the tap will be return either repaired or not and all expenses such as trans port, testing and the repair cost itself will be charged.

PLEASE NOTE: this guarantee is not valid if the Test certificate is not returned. Certificates which are photocopied, damaged, incomplete, altered, or not belonging to the returned item cannot be accepted. We reserve the right to make technical modifications.

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